Bill Hollingsworth
Executive Director, Chief Animal Cruelty Investigator, Animal Control Officer, ABCDT Dog Trainer, Member of S.A.W.A & A.F.P.

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Angela Coyle
Director of Shelter Operations & Animal Control Officer

Phil Bellucci
Operational Support Manager

George Muller IV
Assistant Shelter Manager & Animal Cruelty Investigator, ABCDT Dog Trainer

Courtney Venzie
Shelter Tech/Assistant Shelter Manager/Animal Control Officer

Jenna Callender
Information Manager

Dr. Julie Moberg, DVM
Director of Medicine

Rachel Durphy
Shelter Tech/Veterinary Center Tech

Mike Hessinger
Graphic Artist/Shelter Tech

Ryan Parker
ABCDT Dog Trainer/Shelter Tech/Animal Control/Community Outreach Coordinator

Patty Young
Shelter Staff

Peg Solanik
Veterinary Center Receptionist

Wanda Revak
Veterinary Center Receptionist

Mary Turner
Veterinary Tech

Kim Brown
Vet Center Tech

Sandi Vesay
Veterinary Center Tech

Melisa Rodriguez
Shelter Staff

Dr. Amanda Bobb

Allison Van Vorst
Shelter Tech

Katherine Bailey
Shelter Tech